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Advocate for Catholic School Teachers

We Believe...

We believe that Catholic lay teachers deserve fair and just compensation for their service. 

We have negotiated contracts with steadily rising wage scales, and our wages consistently exceed those of non-union lay teachers. We have maintained health benefits competitive with workers in any industry, and we have secured several pension options for lay teachers.

We believe Catholic lay teachers should have a professional and positive working environment. 

We enjoy a professional working relationship with the Diocese of Pittsburgh. We work to ensure that all of our schools are Communities of Faith for students, parents, administrators and teachers, and we insist that the professional needs of our teachers are met. We also have a grievance procedure to resolve serious conflicts.

We believe Catholic schools are important for the future of the Church and our nation.

We are involved in projects that will ensure Catholic education will be here for future generations. We support the Bishop’s Education Fund to assist needy students, and our teachers volunteer to serve on various diocesan committees. We also support the School Choice movement.

We believe Catholic lay teachers have the right to collective bargaining.

We agree with the American Bishops that: "...Catholic social teaching strongly supports the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively with their employers. The free exercise of these rights pertains to Catholic School Teachers and other school employees in the same way it relates to employees of other Catholic institutes and secular organizations."

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